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Injury Rehab, Prevention and Pain Management

State-of-the-art chiropractic and performance physical therapy services designed to promote healing and post-surgical rehabilitation, enhance mobility, alleviate pain, correct alignment, prevent injury, and foster an active lifestyle.

Range Sports Therapy


"Aaron helped me tremendously. I noticed significant changes after just a couple of sessions, and a big improvement after 6 weeks of therapy with him. Still continue my exercises and hardly have any pain, which surprised my doctor."

Sonja A.
Laguna Niguel

"Dr. G combines his chiropractic expertise with a wide-range of therapeutic knowledge required to keep his world-class motocross riders in top shape."

Dr. Lanny L.
Newport Beach

"Aaron is número uno. He is so wise for his years. He has helped my daughter so much with relieving her headaches. We are blessed we found him."

Michelle M.
Huntington Beach

"Dr. G and his team are incredible. Every time I come, I leave feeling 100x better. All of the modalities combined with Dr G's manual massage fix my problem every time."

Jessica R.
Huntington Beach

"I've gone to Dr. G for so many injuries and aches and pains and he always is able to identify and work out the issue. Not only are his techniques diverse and pretty cool (different machines and treatments) but his knowledge of the root cause of everything is far outstanding from others in the field."

Kendra T.
Newport Beach

"Aaron is the best; hands-on and always tries his best to make me feel better. Because of him I am still running. I also get adjusted by Dr. G and he is so nice and knowledgable. Something about him makes all pain go away. Aaron is like a baker who makes great cake and Dr. G is the icing on the top."

Pavina Z.
Newport Beach

"Dr.G is WONDERFUL. I walked in very stiff and sore and walked out feeling so much better. I highly recommend this place to athletes (they know what they are doing when it comes to sports injuries) and anyone looking for a great chiropractor/physical therapist!"

Ashlee A.
Newport Beach

"I have been going to chiros/therapists on/off for almost 10 years and never had long-term results. I've been a patient for a month and it's been absolutely amazing. Their goal isn't to "band-aid" something. They're truly caring and vested in helping you feel great again."

Madge R.